Supply Chain Management Solutions

We understand that managing inventory affects the bottom line of your business. Not only is it time consuming and tedious, it also takes valuable time away from your business. Barnett's Supply Chain Solutions are for any contractor - whether you have 1 or 100 trucks. From a comprehensive on-site solution to truck replenishment programs, Barnett can effectively control your supply chain issues and increase your profitability. Consider one of Barnett's Supply Chain Management Solutions for your unique business.

For more information regarding Barnett's Supply Chain Solutions contact your local Barnett Supply Chain Representative today at 1.888.803.4467 or email to learn how we can make your contracting business more productive and more profitable.

Truck Stock Replenishment (TSR)

Are you carrying the right level of inventory on your trucks? Do you have an accurate record of daily product usage from your trucks? By utilizing the Standard Truck Stock list, you can rest assured that each truck is operating as a "Rolling Warehouse" which will increase the company's overall productivity.

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Pre-Positioned Inventory (PPI)

Are you concerned about your inventory levels and expenditures on "high ticket" products? Would you like to offer more product options to your customers without worrying about upfront costs and dealing with multiple suppliers? Increase your cash flow and generate more selling opportunities by signing up for Barnett's PPI program today!

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Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Barnett's premier VMI program is one of the top programs in the industry, representing a comprehensive on-site supply chain management program that is tailored to meet the demands of your business. Focus on your business while we take care of the rest with Barnett's VMI solution.

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This innovative supply chain management program not only gives you visibility to current inventory levels and use through a barcode-based scanning system, but also creates alerts and automated reorders for low stock items.

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Customized Solutions

If your business model does not fit into our TSR, PPI, VMI, or Supplyware program, Barnett will work with you to develop a unique supply chain solution to manage your inventory - tailored to your individual needs. We provide you with a long-term business partnership that will make your contracting business more rewarding. Contact your Barnett Representative for more information.