Bin Labels

Keep your inventory organized and easily found with our "Bin Labels" Web tool. This feature provides you with a simple, convenient way to track inventory levels, meaning you'll never be out of stock again!

Bin Labels Allow You To:

  • Set Up Color-Coded Product Categories for At-A-Glance Identification
  • Change Product Category Colors to Match Your Bin Label Color Scheme
  • Know Exactly What Is in Each Bin with Easily Seen Product Names, Descriptions, and Bar Codes

  • Choose from 3 Different Label Sizes to Fit Your Needs
    • 1" x 3" (Avery Template 5436)
    • 1" x 4" (Avery Template 5161/8161)
    • 2" x 4" (Avery Template 5163/8163)

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