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This feature is available to all Home Depot Pro customers. After you log in, you can access Track My Orders in the top right corner of the screen under Orders & Quotes.

Order Status

Tracking Your Orders Is Easy

Our order tracking feature includes a user-friendly dashboard that offers you 24/7 visibility to easily and effectively manage your orders.

Track My Order

Detailed information about your order, including delivery and important messages regarding your purchase.

Order Detail

In addition to the dashboard, we will also keep you updated with email notifications as your order is processed and shipped. These notifications include:

  • Order Confirmations: when an order is received
  • Updated Confirmation: when there is a change to the order before it processes
  • Order Processing Exception: when there is an exception during processing, requiring a change to the original order
  • Order Shipped: when an order ships via a third party
  • Updated Shipped: when shipment information for an order being delivered via a third party has changed
  • Out for Delivery: when an order is out for delivery via our truck fleet
  • Delivery Exception: when an order being delivered via our truck fleet is unable to be delivered as expected
  • Ready for Pickup (will call orders only): when an item is available for pickup at a designated warehouse

Additional Notifications ‐ Opt in Through Customer Care:

  • Order Processing*
  • Order Cancelled
  • Order Picked Up
  • Order Delivered (for orders delivered via our truck fleet only)

*Excludes Counter Sale Orders/Will Call