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Yellow Disposable Microfiber Cloth (4-Pack Per Case)
Yellow Disposable Microfiber Cloth (4-Pack Per Case)
Item # GPT29624

Brawny Professional Disposable Cleaning Towels for the Industrial market are a great alternative to cloth rags and rental shop towels for high-performing, heavy-duty cleaning. These towels are reusable like cloth, yet disposable when contaminated or excessively soiled, helping promote a safe work environment. The Brawny Professional portfolio offers cleaning towels of varying strengths from light-duty 100 to heavy-duty 900 in 5 different substrates. The sustainable F-Series Flax towels are made using flax fibers which create a naturally strong, absorbent cleaning towel. These 100% plant-based1, compostable2 cleaning towels look, feel and perform like cloth, making them ideal for heavy-duty cleaning. The strong H-Series HEF towels are made up of hydro-entangled fibers which make them durable, absorbent and low lint, so they stand up to harsh solvents. The absorbent D-Series DRC towels are reusable, strong and great for cleaning up water and oil-based spills. The mediumweight A-Series Airlaid towels are absorbent soft and can be used with light solvents. Single-use P-Series paper towels are great for light duty cleaning and wiping. Brawny Professional disposable towels come in tall boxes, portable buckets, poly packaging and long-distance rolls in addition to our innovative automated dispenser. These 1 at a time dispensing solutions can help reduce waste and control costs by dispensing a clean towel every time.

  • Carded rayon disposable cleaning towels are delicate on finished wood surfaces, but strong enough to resist tearing
  • Specially treated disposable cleaning cloths attract and hold dust
  • Large surface area and durable material allow extended use as an industrial cleaning wipe
  • Convenient dispenser packs help protect industrial wipes from moisture and dirt, ensure cloths are available where needed and save storage space
  • Great for dusting offices , they're reusable until excessively soiled or contaminated
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