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Safety Products

Barnett carries a huge selection of safety supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) to meet all your business needs. Browse Barnett's large stock of hand protection items, including disposable gloves made from nitrile, vinyl, and latex in powdered or powder-free variations. Be prepared for emergencies and keep a stock of first aid kits and fall protection items, including harnesses and fall limiters, on hand to treat and prevent jobsite injuries. Barnett also stocks a large selection of spill containment products, safety signage, fire safety items, and more for emergency preparedness and disaster recovery. Stock up and stay safe with Barnett.

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Improve Your Bottom Line with Our Exclusive Brands

Meet LegendForce

Our LegendForce™ line features top-quality personal protection equipment (PPE) options, including eye, ear, and respiratory products, gloves, and ergonomic supports.

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Meet Renown

Renown® offers a broad assortment of everyday products that helps?you meet your cleanliness, health, and productivity goals while improving your bottom line.?

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Meet Appeal

Appeal® is focused on providing low-cost, high-performance alternatives in paper, skin care, aerosol cleaning chemicals, brushes, mops, floor care, odor control, gloves, cloths, trash cans, and?other product areas.

Meet Appeal Products

Meet Legend

Legend® offers a comprehensive selection of Grade 2 and Grade 3 locksets, deadbolts, latches, padlocks, and door closers for multifamily, residential, and light-duty commercial applications.

Meet Legend