Enviro Water Filtration

Celebrate Clean Water Month with Enviro Water Products

Clean Water Month happens every August and focuses on water pollution prevention. In honor of Clean Water Month, Barnett is focusing on the quality of water going out of and coming into households. With Enviro’s salt- and chemical-free water conditioning systems, customers can be assured that water coming into and going out of their households is safe for them and the environment. Enviro products’ green technology promise no wasted water and no harmful discharge. This regard for people and the environment ensures that a great way to celebrate Clean Water Month is with Enviro!

Enviro Water Filtration

Raise Your Competitiveness with Enviro:

  • • Fastest-growing segment in the water treatment industry (salt-free)
  • • Cost-effective to compete
  • • Great upsell opportunity: Sell water filters with every tankless water heater
  • • Lifetime warranty on parts (10-year warranty on magnet, 5-year warranty on carbon media)

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