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Commercial Electric is a name you can trust when it comes to great pricing and quality for residential and commercial lighting products. Choose from a wide range of money-saving LED lamps, stylish downlights and other solutions that are in stock and ready to ship.

LED recessed downlight

Shed Light on Every Space

Choose recessed lighting when you need an understated way to illuminate your commercial or residential spaces. This lighting hides in plain sight! It is installed flush with the ceiling to modernize and streamline the look of any room while providing ample illumination. You can also add efficiency and lower energy bills by upgrading to LED recessed lighting! This energy-efficient option lets you forget about changing your light bulbs for years.

Get Long-Life, Low-Cost Lighting

Provide more light to any residential or commercial space with linear fluorescent lamps. These cost-effective lamps cast a cool, white light that illuminates every space and place while being easier on the eyes and the wallet. It's perfect for most general-purpose lighting applications, including offices to garages, making it one of the more popular lighting choices. See in high definition with linear fluorescent lamps.

Linear fluorescent lamp
Cable, Duct and Mounting Ties

Tie It All Together

Whether you're removing ductwork or bundling small wires, the job is made easier and less costly with our wide range of cable, duct and mounting ties. Their high tensile strength and durable construction mean you can count on them for secure bundling of lightweight materials to heavy-duty loads. Why worry about dropping expensive and heavy jobsite materials? Carry materials much more easily with our ties.