Close up of clock on a yellow background

Being prepared is critical for health and happiness. Daylight Saving Time is the perfect time to keep your customers' spaces well-maintained with the following essentials:

Red battery being replaced in a smoke alarm

Smoke and CO Alarms

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends using Daylight Saving Time as a reminder to tackle basic smoke alarm and safety detection device maintenance. The NFPA says to test fire safety alarms, replace all batteries twice annually and replace alarms that are more than 10 years old.

Hanging light bulbs

Light Bulbs

Did you know that ENERGY STAR® lighting products last 15 times longer than standard bulbs? This leads to major cost savings in the future. Help your customers take advantage of energy savings by checking their lights and fixtures.

Range hood filter being replaced

Appliance Filters

Dirty filters can cause refrigerators and other appliances to use more energy, according to For example, range hood filters should be changed twice a year in households where cooking happens often.

Maintenance worker switching out an HVAC filter

HVAC Filters

Some filters need changing more often than others. For instance, ENERGY STAR® recommends changing furnace and air conditioner filters monthly during the months your customers use these appliances.

Technician working on a water heater

Water Heaters

The water in your customers' water heaters needs to be flushed from time to time to remove sediment that can build up and reduce each unit's efficiency.

Hand sanitizer being poured on the hands

Germ Prevention

Take time to make sure your customers and employees are staying healthy by stocking up on the right germ prevention products.