Renown® and Natur-Bag® for a Better Environment

Did you know that you can "go green" while taking out the trash or composting? Do your part to keep the environment healthy by choosing sustainable liners from Renown and Natur-Bag!

Eco-Friendly Trash Removal

Renown's value-based, blended low-density liners are ideal for environmentally friendly and cost-conscious users. Each liner is:

  • Made with up to 70% Recycled Content
  • Thick, Strong, and Puncture- and Tear-Resistant
  • Perfect for Heavy-Duty Applications (Sharp, Heavy, or Irregular Waste)

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Eco-Friendly Liners

Better Composting with Natur-Bag

Composting is more efficient with Natur-Bag compostable bags and liners. These liners provide superior strength and natural breathing that ensure faster, more complete composting on your property.

Why These Liners?

  • Dissipate Moisture to Control Odors and Keep Collection Bins Clean
  • Certified Compostable by the BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) and AIB-Vinçotte
  • Meet ASTM D6400 and EN 13432 Standard Specifications for Compostable Plastics
  • Meet Requirements of California AB 1972 / SB 567 and Minnesota HF 403 / SF 383
  • Free of Polyethylene and Conventional Plastics That Aren't Biodegradable

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Eco-Friendly Liners