Enviro Water Filtration

Offer Customers Cleaner Water With Enviro

U.S. water systems need to invest $472.6 billion over the next 20 years to continue providing clean, safe drinking water1, according to a study by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Nearly 90 percent of the U.S. population2 relies on the local municipality for testing water quality. While, plumbing contractors can access the municipal water reports, they can also add water treatment solutions to their existing business.

The Home Depot Pro has teamed up with Enviro Water Products to provide an array of water treatment solutions, from the water heater shields to whole-home systems.

  • Enviro products are waste-free, easy-install solutions requiring no electricity or drain
  • Enviro only uses certified, high-quality parts
  • Products are created by American designers and engineers
  • Enviro tanks and parts are guaranteed for the life of the system
  • Enviro's Ultimate Combo series is dual certified by IAPMO to NSF/ANSI 42 standards for the reduction of chlorine
  • EnviroSoft™ is the only proven salt-free technology in North America

Deliver a Higher Quality of Life

With Enviro's salt- and chemical-free water conditioning systems, customers can be assured that their water is safe for them and the environment. Enviro's green technology promises no wasted water and no harmful discharge. These cost-effective products offer your customers higher quality and healthier living, while giving you a strong way to compete in a growing industry.

Enviro Water Filtration

Raise Your Competitiveness with Enviro:

  • Fastest-growing segment in the water treatment industry (salt-free)
  • Cost-effective to compete
  • Great upsell opportunity: Sell water filters with every tankless water heater
  • Lifetime warranty on parts (10-year warranty on magnet, 5-year warranty on carbon media)

1. EPA, "EPA's 6th Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey and Assessment." 2018.
2. University of Michigan, "U.S. Water Supply and Distribution Factsheet." 2018.