Comfort. Performance. Value.

Garrison offers quality heating and cooling products that feature dependable performance, energy efficiency, rugged durability, quiet operation, and environment-complementing designs. Garrison residential HVAC products include through-the-wall and window air conditioners, mini-split systems, packaged terminal air conditioners, portable air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and air cleaners. Garrison's innovative features, intuitive controls, and versatile functionality create products that embody convenience and comfort.

Garrison Features:

  • ENERGY STAR certified air conditioners and dehumidifiers deliver measurable energy savings; these are at least 15% more efficient than non-qualified units
  • All window, through-the-wall, portable, and PTACs are UL-listed and use environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant
  • Innovative features: can set and maintain temperature from across the room via remote control; energy-saver feature minimizes power consumption
  • Programmable thermostats with large LCD display with check filter monitor and energy usage counter
  • Exceptional warranty support through Garrison technical support center*

*For Garrison PTACs and through-the-wall units, please call 866.646.4332. For all other other units, call 888.498.0439.

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Improve Indoor Air Quality

In addition to cooling, many Garrison products also provide heating and dehumidifying features. Our air cleaners improve indoor air quality and control smoke, pollen, dust, germs, viruses, fungi, odors, and allergens through high-efficiency particulate air and polarized media filters.

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Reduce Energy Consumption

Garrison products can also help reduce energy consumption and costs. According to the Department of Energy, the proper use of programmable thermostats can help save $180 annually in energy costs. Rely on Garrison programmable thermostats that feature large LCD displays, quick-connect wiring terminals, and easy-to-read energy usage counters and filter check monitors.

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