New 2015 UL GFCI Requirements

Why are GFCI receptacles changing in 2015?

The Underwriters Laboratory Standard (UL 943) for GFCI will require manufacturers to include a new function for all ground fault receptacles being built after June 29, 2015.

What is the new functionality requirement?

Each GFR must automatically monitor the GFCI circuit/functionality periodically every (3) hours or less. It must also automatically test within (5) seconds of power to the device.

Standard 943: June 29, 2015 Changes

  • Automatically monitor GFCI circuit/functionality periodically
  • Automatically test within (5) seconds of power to line & load terminals
  • Periodically means every (3) hours or less
  • If the unit can no longer provide GFCI protection, it must "Deny Power" (trip with the inability to reset)
  • GFCI must visually or audibly indicate that it does not go to power denial
  • GFCI provides power denial or unable to reset

What about our current stocked product?

Current product can be sold and used until stock is depleted. The manufacturers cannot make the previous product after June 29, 2015.

Will the cost change for the new UL required products?

The new product will be 15% - 30% more expensive. We have stocked up on the prior generation product.