Green Seal Products for Your Facilities

Since 1989, Green Seal™ has operated as an independent non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding the environment by awarding Ecolabel Certification to certain environmentally friendly products. With Green Seal celebrating their 25th anniversary, take this time as a reminder to evaluate your cleaning practices. You can continually improve the "greenness" of your cleaning programs by looking not just at chemicals but other products too. Many paper products, hand soap and waste can liners have been awarded the Green Seal label.

Why Green Seal?

Many cleaning products contain chemicals that can cause a variety of illnesses since they can contribute to poor indoor air quality and "sick building syndrome." Asthma and other respiratory illnesses can occur, as well as certain long-term health problems such as cancer, reproductive disorders, major organ damage, and eye damage. Green cleaning reduces these health risks and can also be a strategy to reduce absentee and increase occupancy levels. Janitorial paper products certified by Green Seal are not only made with 100% recycled fiber, but are manufactured and processed in a way that uses less water, energy, produces less air pollutants, and diverts the most waste from our landfills.

There are cost benefits to consider as well. Facilities who buy Green Seal labeled products can receive certain tax breaks. And unlike 10 or 15 years ago, green products today are comparable to traditional products in both cost and effectiveness.

Green Seal Products for Your Facilities

The Green Seal Certification Process

Products that have achieved Green Seal certification have gone through a rigorous testing and evaluation process. The process takes an average of six months and includes on-site plant visits. Green Seal meets both ISO (International Standardization Process) and ANSI (American National Standards) standards and guidelines.

Evaluating Your Green Cleaning Program

Going green is a continuous process. Facility managers should look beyond Green Seal labeled chemicals and strive to continue their green cleaning program by looking for paper products that bear the Green Seal label. Look for suppliers who offer Green Seal products as well as educational programs.

You can purchase Green Seal labeled cleaning products for most of your facility cleaning needs including:

Green Seal Products for Your Facilities

Paper Products

Cleaning Products

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Green Seal Products for Your Facilities