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Custom Catalogs

Add Items While Viewing "Favorites Lists"

1. You can add items individually by selecting the custom catalog icon, , located under the "Add to Cart" button.

2. You can also select multiple items by checking the "Select" box located next to each item's image. To select all items in your list, click on "All" at the top.

3. Select the  icon at the top of your list.

Add Items From "Order Detail" or "Invoice Detail" within Your Account History

1. Check the select box next to the item's image.

2. Select the "Add to Bin Label Printer" button or the "Add to Custom Catalog" button.

Add Items From Search Results and Product Detail Pages

When in search results or a product detail page, select the custom catalog icon, , located under the "Add to Cart" button to add that item.

How to Print from the Custom Catalog Printer:

1. Select your options. You can include prices, a table of contents, and barcodes. You can also choose to remove page breaks between categories.

2. Once ready, click on "Print Custom Catalog" to print. The system will generate a PDF for you.