Providing a Clean Air Environment

Indoor air quality (IAQ) plays a significant role in providing the best experience for those you serve and can positively affect the perception of your business. Controlling indoor air pollution can reduce health risks for your customers and improve productivity for your employees. Use these helpful tips to start creating a clean, pollution-free environment.

Clean, new air filter for use in an HVAC system.

Know Your Air Filters and Change Them Regularly

Air filters are a vital part of any HVAC system, and their effectiveness depends on the quality and materials used to create them. Filters help clean the air circulating in your customers' homes and office while reducing airborne debris build-up. To be effective, they must be changed regularly.

Keep Entrances and Solid-Surface Floors Clean

Pesticides, dirt and other pollutants can be easily tracked indoors at entrances. Placing floor mats at front doors/entrances can significantly reduce these contaminants. For those particles that make it beyond floor matting, regular mopping of hard surfaces with microfiber mops can capture lingering dust and allergens better than traditional mops.

Entrance showing clean solid-surface floors.
Product assortment of multi-fragrance Renown air fresheners and neutralizers used to eliminate odor-causing bacterial in the air.

Add Odor Neutralizing to Your Cleaning Program

When considering air quality for your customers' homes, adding odor-neutralizing solutions can help assure your customers of cleanliness. Exclusive to Home Depot Pro, the Renown® collection includes air fresheners/neutralizers, dispensers and urinal screens that eliminate odor-causing bacteria for fresh air that lasts longer.

Ensure You're Cooling with the Right Unit Size

It may seem logical that the larger the HVAC unit, the better the air quality. This is not always true, as oversized units can cool air too quickly, leaving homes feeling damp due to limited humidity removal. Ensure your business is using the right AC unit sizes with the helpful measurement guide from Home Depot Pro.

Commercial HVAC condenser unit installed along the exterior side of a building.
Garrison multivoltage UV germicidal remote air purifier system with activated oxygen and twin tube lamps.

Control Indoor Air Pollution with Air Purifiers and Air Cleaners

Air purifiers control germs, odors and pollutants as they move through your customers' homes. Many are compact to fit in tight spaces, have remote functionality for ease of control and can include odor-control features to create a fresh environment for your customers.

Pair air purification systems with air cleaners to help improve indoor air quality in your customers' homes. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) cleaners, filters and accessories remove up to 99.9% of airborne particles above a certain size. Most air cleaners include easy-to-replace HEPA filters and carbon filters, which help with odor control.