Carbon Monoxide Detectors Need Replacement

Keep homeowners protected and improve your bottom line.

Get Ahead of Demand

Schedule CO detector audits and make replacements work for your business in 2019. Seven years ago, states began rolling out new CO legislation requiring sealed batteries. Those batteries are set to last seven years and their replacement beeps are scheduled to sound. Stock the right replacement CO detectors for your business and clients. Get ahead of those replacement beeps.

When Will the Beeps Start?

Each state is different. Every home is different. Laws are adopted at different times. Use our CO replacement calendar to gauge your properties' needs. Start audits as soon as possible to be fully stocked before the beeps begin.

Pro Tip

Many detectors have a hush feature that can temporarily silence their replacement beeps for three days. Use this to limit disturbances while you replace these CO detectors. If your detectors do not have this feature, consider replacements that do.

CO Replacement Calendar

State Start Auditing Start Replacing
Alabama December 2018 March 2019
Arkansas February 2019 May 2019
California March 2019 June 2019
Idaho December 2018 March 2019
Iowa March 2019 June 2019
Kentucky December 2018 March 2019
Louisiana February 2019 May 2019
Missouri February 2019 May 2019
Nebraska February 2019 May 2019
New Mexico December 2018 March 2019
New York March 2019 June 2019
North Dakota December 2018 March 2019
Oklahoma December 2018 March 2019
Oregon December 2018 March 2019
South Carolina December 2018 March, 2019
South Dakota February 2019 May 2019
Virginia December 2018 March 2019
Washington December 2018 March 2019
West Virginia December 2018 March 2019
Wisconsin December 2018 March 2019
Wyoming February 2019 May 2019

The National Fire Protection Association recommends at least one CO detector on every level.

Replace Now, Save Over Lifetime

Get the most out of your replacement CO detectors with a 10-year sealed battery. These alarms are the upsell opportunities you need to increase return on your investments. They deliver the highest levels of safety and convey expert-level service. Whether you are handling new construction or renovation, you will get the most out of detectors equipped with a 10-year sealed battery. For even more future savings, choose a combination alarm.

Standard CO Detectors 10-Year Sealed Battery CO Detectors
Average life 10 years 10 years
Cost per alarm $20 $35
Replacement batteries $3.50 per Battery $0
Total battery replacement cost $35 $0
Annual labor $$ $0
Total lifetime cost $55 + Annual Labor $35

NFPA Recommendations

Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors:

  • One in each bedroom
  • One outside each sleeping area
  • One on every level
CO Detectors

CO Detectors:

  • One on every level

New CO Legislation

Stay on top of new laws and ahead of violations. Ohio, North Dakota, West Virginia and Iowa are signing new CO legislation into law. More than 700,000 units will be affected in these four states. Conduct your audits as soon as possible to ensure your CO detectors are either in compliance or replaced.