Safety Detectors

Select the Best Safety Detectors for Your Customers

Select the Best Safety Detectors for Your Customers

Stock the best safety detectors for your clients and your business. We carry an array of safety detectors, including smoke, combo and CO detectors, and we make it easy to identify needs. Filter by detector type to identify which unit is right for your needs.

Detector Type

  • Smoke detectors sense smoke from fires
  • Combo detectors sense carbon dioxide (CO) and smoke
  • CO detectors sense carbon dioxide only

Battery Type

  • 10-year sealed battery detectors keep up with the latest legislative requirements
  • 9V, AA, 2 AA, and 3 AA battery detectors should be changed every year
  • Detectors powered by replaceable batteries are banned in some states

Sensor Type

  • Ionization sensors quickly detect fast-flame fires but are slower to detect smoldering fires
  • Photoelectric sensors quickly detect smoldering fires and are slower to detect fast-flame fires
  • Dual sensors use both sensor types and offer the most reliable fire protection


  • AC/DC alarms are hardwired and include battery backups
  • DC alarms install anywhere with no internal wiring required