Smart Technology Upgrades That Earn More Income

Smart Technology Upgrades That Earn More Income

Residents are willing to pay more for solutions that make their lives easier and more convenient. Smart locks, leak detection products and smart thermostats do just that. Increase rent income and prevent costly water damage on your property with smart technology upgrades.

Secure Your Properties & Bottom Line With Smart Locks

Smart lock technology benefits your property, residents and staff by:

  • Increasing security of your property
  • Improving resident peace of mind
  • Streamlining key turnover
  • Reducing labor and operational costs with key management

Did you know that 63% of renters are interested in smart locks?1


In fact, 60% of millennials would be more likely to live somewhere that offers mobile access control.2


Renters are even willing to pay an additional $33 in monthly rent for smart locks that offer remote access and single-use entry codes.1

Protection From Water Damage

You can’t predict when a pipe will burst, but you can be prepared. Leak detection technology from LeakSmart® uses sophisticated mobile app alerts and automatic 5-second shutoff to prevent water damage. Add this smart technology to your properties to protect your investment, residents’ personal belongings and avoid costly repairs.

Constant, Programmable Comfort

Make properties more comfortable with smart thermostats. Residents can control the temperature inside their homes from anywhere with the touch of a button. Plus, Google Nest® thermostats are easy to install and enable HVAC monitoring, making them perfect for property managers.

70 percent

More than 70% of renters are interested in smart thermostats.1

30 dollars

In fact, renters are willing to pay an extra $30 in monthly rent for the ability to come home to ideal conditions.1

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