Swimming Pool Accessibility

Pool Lifts and ADA Pool Regulations

ADA pool lift regulations require that any swimming pool, spa, or wading pool open to the public must meet the U.S. Department of Justice's ADA Title III (Public Accommodations and Commercial Entities) requirements.

What makes a lift ADA compliant?

1. Minimum Lifting Capacity of 300lbs.
2. Solid Seat at Least 16" in Width3. Lift Must Have Footrests*
4. User Must Be Able to Operate, without Assistance, from the Deck and Water
5. Must Not Require Tight Grasping, Pinching, or Twisting of the Wrists to Operate and Not Require More than 5lbs. of Force
6. Seat Must Have the Ability to Submerge in 18" below Stationary Water Level
*Footrests Are Not Suggested, but Not Required for Spa Lifts

These requirements can easily be met by purchasing ADA-compliant products.

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