Web Pick-Up Order

Don't let an urgent order interrupt your business...place a Web pick-up order by 4:00 PM and pick it up at your local Home Depot Pro DC or pick-up center by 5:00 PM!*

Our goal is to be your primary supplier of all plumbing service and repair products. We realize the needs of your business are ever changing, possibly requiring rush pick-ups on important items. Don't worry; we have a solution for you! If an item is available at your local Home Depot Pro location on the Web, and it's also in stock, you can place your order as late as 4:00 PM local time and go pick it up by 5:00 PM.

With access to thousands of products at our fingertips, we can save you time and money - no more waiting. Rely on us to locate the products you want and have them ready when you need them!

You can count on Home Depot Pro for:

  • Locating products or parts for your existing equipment
  • Sourcing specialized products and pieces
  • Providing swift order availability directly from your local Home Depot Pro DC or pick-up center
  • Receiving prompt answers on product availability
  • Conserving budgets by obtaining unplanned orders through your local Home Depot Pro supplier

*Pick-up of complete or partial order is dependent upon the location's available inventory on those items.

Web Order Pick-Up